2020 «Get Going!» Portrait Series 

Réka Csiszér ⎪ Photo by ⓒMika Bajinski for VÍZ

Réka Csiszér is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. Classically trained in piano, violoncello and flute, she completed her studies in jazz singing at the ZhdK in 2017. Csiszér repeatedly builds bridges between different genres with projects in theater and film. Now she wants to realize an ambitious solo project with “VÍZ”. An interdisciplinary total work of art (performance-film sound), which, in collaboration with other artists, generates an audio-visual space in which Réka Csiszér not only explores her stylistic range of ambient, classical, avant-folk and electronic music, but at the same time wants to deepen the relationship to her Hungarian mother tongue and her Transylvanian roots.


«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start.