Best Swiss Video Clip 2023: Online Voting begins


The race for the title of best music video is on: FONDATION SUISA, the Solothurn Film Festival and m4music, the pop music festival of the Migros Culture Percentage, are looking for the “Best Swiss Video Clip 2023”. A Jury Award and an Audience Award are up for grabs.

You have until 31 January to vote for your favourite clip from the 16 nominees:

  • Campsite by Anna Erhard, making of: Moris Freiburghaus 
  • Mediane (ou une ode à la médiocrité) by Dalai Puma,
    making of: Ramón Oliveras, Franziska Staubli, Yannik Sandhofer, Nicole Pfister 
  • Decoration by Dino Brandão, making of: Julien Chavaillaz 
  • Rainbow by Elio Ricca, making of: Drobik Siriam, Remo Schmidheiny, Elio Ricca 
  • Detergent Daze by emanuel, making of: Lucas Ackermann 
  • Pistache by Estelle Zamme & J4KIM, making of: Julien Ledermann, Joaquim Perez 
  • Trauma by Gina Eté, making of: Jelena Vujović 
  • Rainbow Machine by Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus, making of: Bianca Caderas 
  • Cadavre exquis by Hyper Duo, making of: Emmanuel Vion-Dury 
  • La La Land by Lakna, making of: Luca Perrin 
  • Deux mouches by My Name Is Fuzzy, making of: Bastien Bron 
  • Gangstaz by Nathalie Froehlich, making of: Nathalie Froehlich, Fredrik Gabrielsson 
  • Blumen by Panda Lux, making of: Kezia Zurbrügg 
  • Synaptic Failure (Aelk Minsur Remix) by Simon Grab, making of: Jonathan Jäggi 
  • Fuck by Soukey x Artbabe, making of: Jonathan Hug 
  • Rucksucre by Toutbleu, making of: Camille de Dieu, Laurent Novac 


The Jury Award and the Audience Award for the «Best Swiss Video Clip»2023, each worth CHF 5,000, are donated by the FONDATION SUISA. The winners of both prizes will be announced in early March. The awards will be presented live at the m4music Award Show on Saturday 25 March 2023.