Kaleidoscope String Quartet ⎪ «Get Going!» 2022

2022 «Get Going!» Portrait Series 

Kaleidoscope String Quartet ⎪ Photo ©Benedek Horváth

The Kaleidoscope String Quartet refuses to let itself be confined in the straitjacket of classical chamber music and in recent years has dared to push the boundaries in many directions in recent years and has thus also attracted attention at the most varied of festivals (including Cully Jazz and Murten Classics). The pandemic interrupted her latest project “Five” which is now gaining momentum again thanks to the «Get Going!» grant. Bandoneon player, Michael Zisman, is not just a fifth member who wants to keep venturing into unexplored territory. With the new violist, Vincent Brunel, an important personnel change has also been made, with which “Five” is to be transformed into a follow-up project on the basis of new compositional developments.

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«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start. At monthly intervals, we present the eight recipients of the 2022 «Get Going!» grant individually.