Kety Fusco⎪ «Get Going!» 2022

2022 «Get Going!» Portrait Series 

Kety Fusco ⎪ Photo ©Sebastiano Piattini

The Ticino harp virtuoso has made a name for herself with her cross-genre compositions, in which she constantly explores and expands the possibilities of her instrument. The «Get Going!» grant now allows her to research the development of an additional element for the acoustic harp. This extension aims to overcome the limits of the tonal spectrum of the harp. This creates new scope for expanding the harp in order to create a new hybrid instrumental language.

«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start. At monthly intervals, we present the eight recipients of the 2022 «Get Going!» grant individually.