Lucia Cadotsch ⎪ «Get Going!» 2021

«Get Going!» Portrait Series 2021

Lucia Cadotsch ⎪ Photo ⓒDovile Sermokas

Lucia Cadotsch / LIUN + The Science Fiction Orchestra
“After concentrating the last few years with my trio “Speak Low” – together with bassist Petter Eldh and saxophonist Otis Sandsjö – mainly on working in chamber music instrumentation, the need has grown in me to explore the sonic and compositional possibilities of a large ensemble. I am therefore very much looking forward to composing and recording new pieces for an orchestral album next year, together with producer Wanja Slavin. In addition, I hope that a new ensemble will emerge from the collaboration with the many exciting artists, which will continuously develop, cross-fertilise and perform live.”

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«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start.