Omni Selassi ⎪ «Get Going!» 2021

2021 «Get Going!» Portrait Series

Omni Selassi ⎪ Photo ⓒFlorianGuntesweiler

Omni Selassi would like to say thank you: “The joy, indeed the honour, is so great that it’s more or less bowled us over: up, down – hmm! What shall we do with 25 suitcases full of dollars? The same as we’re doing now, just better. Now we can buy a Toyota or Mitsubishi bus that can be repaired anywhere in the world. We can record a second album, even though the first one isn’t even out yet. Plus, the whole shebang with the FONDATION SUISA list always feels like we’re signing a bank cheque – cool!”

«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start.