«Get Going!» 2024 ⎪ Call for proposals

«Get Going!» goes into the next round: FONDATION SUISA is awarding up to eight grants of CHF 25,000 each.  

Please read the following information carefully. Projects must be submitted using the online application tool at the bottom of this page.


  • The idea behind of the incentive programme «Get Going!» launched annually is based on the philosophy of “making things possible”.
  • «Get Going!» is a seed funding accelerator and investment in a next career step. It presupposes the existence of an established track record and musical trajectory.
  • «Get Going!» seeks to facilitate creative working and artistic development.
  • «Get Going!» does not expect a fully finalised project: present us your ideas, visions, your project in its development phase.


  • The call for projects is deliberately being kept open; there are, for instance, no genre, age or project categories.
  • The «Get Going!» call for projects purposely takes the form of an “elevator pitch”: submissions should be kept brief, coherent and focused on the essential core message. The jury must come away with a clear idea of what the applicant is communicating.
  • Applications are invited from composers, lyricists and musicians who can demonstrate a clear connection to current musical creation in Switzerland or Liechtenstein (= musical repertoire).
  • The choice of means (written, video/audio file, etc.) is down to the applicant, but the submission must be delivered in digital form via the online application tool.
  • If necessary, the jury may respond with follow-up questions.
  • For concrete projects that are already in the realisation stage, please use our online submission tool.

The following will not be considered:

  • Projects with an audio/video production or a concert tour as principal final outcome.
  • Projects disallowed by FONDATION SUISA’s general funding regulations (paragraph 6.4 of the Funding Regulations).


Please note:

  • Applications must be submitted digitally via the online application tool. We do NOT accept any additional documents submitted either digitally or by any other means.
  • Queries of a technical nature should be addressed to getgoing@fondation-suisa.ch.
  • The award winners will be announced at the end of the year.
  • NO correspondence will be entered into concerning the selection process or the jury’s decisions.

Acceptance deadline: Saturday, 31.08.2024

We look forward to hearing from you!