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The Great Escape 2024 – Frontpage “Inscrivez-vous!”

The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 mai, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Inscrivez-vous!

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Les participant·e·s professionne·lle·s suisses bénéficient d’un rabais spécial de 15% sur le pass TGE-Delegate – une offre de Swiss Music Export et de ses partenaires…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15.–18. Mai, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Jetzt anmelden!

Vergünstigte Akkreditierung dank Schweizer Spezialrabatt

Schweizer Professionals profitieren von einem Spezialrabatt von 15% auf ihre TGE-Delegate Passes, ein Angebot von Swiss Music Export und Partnern…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 maggio, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Iscrivetevi ora!

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I partecipanti professionisti svizzeri ricevono uno sconto speciale del 15% sul pass TGE-Delegate – un’offerta di Swiss Music Export e del suoi partner…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 May, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Register now!

Take advantage of an accreditation at a preferential rate thanks to the special Swiss discount

Swiss professionals benefit from a special 15% discount on their TGE Delegate Passes, an offer from Swiss Music Export and partners…


Winners «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2024

The pop music festival m4music, FONDATION SUISA and the Solothurn Film Festival presented the «Best Swiss Video Clip» awards at the m4music Award Show in Zurich on 23 March. A total of 470 artists submitted their music videos for the «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2024. The two prizes, the jury prize and the audience award, are endowed with CHF 5,000 each and are donated by FONDATION SUISA.


From the five nominated clips, the «Best Swiss Video Clip 2024» jury prize was awarded to «Low Lower Son» by Basel band ELFRID THE THIRD & IVAN EYES, feat. The clip was directed by JANIS POLAR, also from Basel.

For the jury, the clip develops an incredible pull effect: «The video casts a spell over the audience and transports them into a dream world. Again and again, ‘Low Lower Son’ arouses curiosity with unusual perspectives on seemingly familiar images. The entire journey is intensified by the mesmerising music, so that the video remains an invigorating experience even on the second, third or fourth viewing.»

The five clips in the running for the Jury Prize 2024 will each receive CHF 2,000.-, donated by FONDATION SUISA:

  • «Berger» by MEGA, SO LA LUNE, AU6I ⎥ Directed by Tymen Goetsch
  • «Dancemorethinkless» von CABLESALAD ⎥ Directed by Naïma Winkler, Leon Cremonini, Yannick Scherer
  • «Fäschtmol» von TO ATHENA ⎥ Directed by Larissa Odermatt, Tiffany Limacher
  • «Low Lower Son» von ELFRID THE THIRD & IVAN EYES ⎥ Directed by Janis Polar
  • «Light Light» von PRONTO ⎥ Directed by Maximilian Speidel


In the public online voting, «Thunfisch» by BOYSEL beat the other 15 clips to win the «Best Swiss Videoclip 2024» audience award.

Boysel is a collaboration between Manuel Meisel (Anna Rossinelli) and Sebastien Bolli(Dave From Hollywood) from Basel with animated video clips by Kilian Vilim and Etienne Mory. The film was directed by SEBASTIEN BOLLI.

Winners «Demotape Clinic» 2024

Zurich band MANIC PIXXIES wins the «Demo of the Year» 2024 award for up-and-coming talent

For two days, the 26th edition of m4music, the Migros Culture Percentage’s pop music festival, celebrated Swiss musical creation on five stages, with shows by more than 40 artists from Switzerland and abroad, nearly 1,600 accredited professionals and more than 5,500 visitors. It was an opportunity to showcase Switzerland’s burgeoning musical talent. The most promising songs were rewarded in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electro and Out of Genre categories. And the winners are…


As part of the m4music 2024 edition, the six-piece band MANIC PIXXIES impressed the jury, winning not only the FONDATION SUISA Awards in the Rock category with «Pissing Outside the Bandroom», but also the supreme title of Demo of the Year, with a prize of CHF 5,000.

The m4music jury was won over by their song, raw and bursting with creativity, which goes by the wonderful name of “Pissing Outside the Bandroom”. “Behind this track is a young band creating a strong aesthetic with limited resources. It combines different languages, writes multi-layered songs and doesn’t get lost in different directions, but presents a clear vision,” says the jury in justifying its choice. He is convinced that the awarding of this prize and the money that goes with it comes at the perfect time, and that Manic Pixxies will enrich the musical future.


The FONDATION SUISA Awards 2024, CHF 3,000 each, also rewarded five groups in the following categories:

  • Catégory PopSAMI GALBI (VD) with «Dakchi Hani»
  • Catégory RockMANIC PIXXIES (ZH) with «Pissing Outside the Bandroom»
  • Catégory ElectronicPOLAR STAR (GE) with «UME»
  • Catégory Lyrics & BeatsSENTO (ZH) with «Impulse Control»
  • Catégory Out of GenrePRON0IA (BE) with «This M Body-ed [2]»

Best Swiss Video Clip 2024: Online voting


The race for the title of best Swiss music video is on: FONDATION SUISA, the Solothurn Film Festival and the Migros Culture Percentage pop music festival m4music are honouring the most impressive Swiss video clips of the year with the «Best Swiss Video Clip». A jury prize and an audience prize are up for grabs. 

You can vote for your favourite from the 17 nominated clips until 30 January 2024:

  • «Lullaby For Robots» von Xewin, Steve Cabasets, Regie: Marianne Heele, Eglantine Bacro 
  • «Walkie Talkie» by Ikan Hyu, directed by Timo Raddatz
  • «Casino (Drink)» by Matilde, directed by Nicolò Faietti
  • «Be Aware» by Phoam, directed by Mei Fa Tan
  • «Berger» by Mega, Au61, So la lune, directed by Tymen Goetsch
  • «Food» by Oukn Sokio, directed by Pascal Consiglio 
  • «dancemorethinkless» by Cablesalad, directed by Naïma Winkler, León Cremonini, Yannick Scherer
  • «Underwater» by Cyril Boehler, Fiona Daniel, directed by Fabian Troxler
  • «Fäschtmol» by To Athena, directed by Larissa Odermatt, Tiffany Athena Limacher 
  • «Thunfisch» by Boysel, directed by Kilian Vilim, Etienne Mory 
  • «Kopfkarussell» by Peter Pana, directed by Remo Schluep 
  • «Souris chérie» by Barrio Colette, directed by Anissa Cadelli 
  • «Second Sun» by Peace Is Just A Break, directed by Jonas Lacôte 
  • «Low Lower Son» by Elfrid The Third & Ivan Eyes, directed by Janis Polar
  • «Light Light» by Pronto, directed by Maximilian Speidel
  • «Lonely Bird» by Dirty Sound Magnet, directed by Léonie Gottraux, David Pavlik
  • «Daydreamin’» by Shuttle, directed by Grégoire Pasquier


The Jury Award and the Audience Award, both endowed with CHF 5,000.-, are sponsored by FONDATION SUISA. The winners of the two awards will be announced at the beginning of March on m4music’s digital channels.

«Get Going!» 2023 grant recipients

Once again, this year’s call for submissions for a «Get Going!» grant generated a termendous response. Over 220 dossiers from all parts of the country and all genres were submitted and presented to our expert jury. After reviewing all the dossiers, the jury decided to support the following musicians for their artistic visions with a «Get Going!» grant of CHF 25,000.- each. Congratulations to the beneficiaries!


Luca Forcucci ⎥ Photo ©Nicola Noventa

Luca Forcucci is an artist, composer, and scholar. In his research, he investigates the perceptual relationships between the sonic and the spatial, exploring the inaudible, and the inherent cognitive aspects related to inner landscapes. This exploration involves immersive (deep) listening experiences in diverse locations such as the Amazon Rainforest, South Africa, Ghana, Lofoten Islands, and Alpha Cities. Additionally, he collaborates with neuroscience to better understand the cognitive aspects of the mechanisms of listening. The processes associated with machine learning entail biases and mistakes, stemming from the subjectivity introduced by humans. Furthermore, in the realm of music, what may appear as mistakes are not inherently so; rather, they represent potential new directions a work can take. In his project “Not Always Human(s): Landscapes Perception and Architecture,” for which he received a «Get Going!» contribution, Forcucci delves into questions such as: What can be expected from a sonic architecture when insights from machine learning, cognition and mistakes are applied to it? How might new experiences emerge as a result?


Monte Mai ⎥ Photo ⓒPeter Hauser

Monte Mai is a psychedelic pop trio founded in 2020 by Grenadian singer Anais Schmidt and two Ticino musicians, Fabio Pinto (guitar) and Fabio Besomi (bass). The project that earned them a «Get Going!» grant arose from a desire to examine more closely the musical intersection between North and South. It is looking at bringing together, from an aesthetic point of view, the roots and cultural influences of Latin and Germanic music. The trio’s main aim is to forge a link between the traditional melodies of the Italian musical repertoire and the rhythmic elements of the German genre known as Krautrock or “kosmische Musik”. The contaminating element plays an important role here, ultimately resulting in the emergence of exotic pop, Krautrock, opera, jazz and electronics in a stylistically free space.


Niculin Janett ⎥ Photo ⓒXaver Rüegg

Niculin Janett is a composer and saxophonist who also plays the clarinet and flute. He is one of the most versatile musicians on the current Swiss jazz scene. 2015 saw him found the Niculin Janett Quartet featuring Rich Perry, but he has also visited standards and the Great American Songbook with the duos Janett / Schraff and The Sad Pumpkins, and brought jazz and Ländler folk music together in the ensemble by the name of “(C’est si) B.O.N.”. In 2021 he and the Niculin Janett Quartet succeeded in innovatively combining folk, jazz and classical music in a nine-part suite, “Rêveries Dansantes”. On the back of the «Get Going!» grant, Janett will be able to use a composing workshop in New York city for three months to work on alternative playing techniques, harmonic expansions and new melodic and rhythmic elements.


Nick Furrer ⎥ Photo ⓒSilvio Zeder

After four albums as one-man band “Haubi Songs” and numerous collaborations, Lucerne songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Furrer is artistically at a turning point. He now wants to broaden his musical universe by bringing in new musicians. With this desire to open up, he wants to break down stereotypes both live and in the studio, challenging the structures and strategies of a band formation. The «Get Going!» grant will enable Nick Furrer, who has recently started writing in a number of different languages, to intensify his exchanges with people from all areas of the music business and thus further the reorientation of “Haubi Songs”, perhaps even by creating a live multi-instrumentalist band.


Fräulein Luise ⎥ Photo ⓒFräulein Luise

Fräulein Luise is a young indie-pop band from Zurich whose songs, which feature lyrics in German and Swiss-German, manage with consummate ease the balancing act between socially relevant commentary and danceable music. Consisting of Olivia Merz, Paula Scharrer, Aliosha Todisco and Paul Studer, the quartet has only been in existence since 2021, but quickly achieved cult status with its exuberant blend of genres ranging from indie and pop to rock and jazz. The «Get Going!» grant is an investment in the future of this band, enabling it to pursue creative ideas, explore and pursue new – to it – directions in laboratory-like conditions. As active FINTA artists, they will also use the time to build up their network and reactivate their podcast project “Störfrequenz”, which covers the topic of women in Switzerland’s male-dominated music scene.


Anna Hirsch ⎥ Photo ⓒMaria Jarzyna

Anna Hirsch is a composer, musician and performer based in Basel. She is one half of art-pop duo Fleeb and a member of the Ikarus jazz quintet. Hirsch has also been involved in numerous theatre productions and took part in the international project SOFIA (Support Of Female Improvising Artists). Her wide-ranging experience is the starting point for her next project. The solo project she is currently working on, MARIA RIA, sees her leveraging the inputs of recent years to realise her very own, highly individual artistic visions. She wants MARIA RIA to bring out the insubordinate, the vulnerable and, above all, the playful tendencies that lurk in her and in all of us. The «Get Going!» grant is allowing Anna Hirsch to compose and produce new music, but it is also helping her collaborate with an artistic team to develop a visual aesthetic – including a live show, stage design, lighting, clothing, artwork and videos – that complements and enhances the music.


Trummer ⎥ Photo ⓒBenedikt Schnermann

Christoph Trummer is both a singer/songwriter and an author. Since his 2014 album “Heldelieder”, Trummer’s literary writing can no longer be separated from his activities as a composer and musician. Whether exploring migration, as in the aforementioned “Heldelieder”, or family, as in his “Familienalbum” from 2020, Trummer uses the dialectic of the two artistic possibilities to examine his subject matter in a variety of ways. He is currently working on two projects at once, for which he has been awarded a «Get Going!» grant: “In die Welt kommen” is a book project in which he uses his experiences as a musician in New York to reflect on his sheltered Swiss origins. “Creeds”, the other project, investigates the question of how articles of faith shape our lives – through the lens of spiritual, scientific, political as well as emotional enquiry. The exploration of this multifaceted topic will be documented in conversations (podcasts) and will ultimately result in a book and new songs.

Mario Batkovic: pushing into uncharted territory

2022 «Get Going!» Portrait Series  

Mario Batkovic ⎪ Photo ⓒRob Lewis

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Batkovic is also a sound researcher/juggler and inventor. Tracking down unheard sounds takes time – lots of time. That’s partly why FONDATION SUISA has awarded him a «Get Going!» grant.

“Self-evidently,” says Mario Batkovic, “the accordion is not an instrument for the big stage. But with that,” he smiles, pointing to a homemade amplifier, “it works really well.” Bathed in the radiance of its creator, his sanctuary at the PROGR in Bern quakes, leaving the listener with goose bumps. But that’s by no means all his studio-cum-workshop has to offer. Alongside a corner full of recording equipment, it contains pretty much anything capable of generating a sound, including a prepared piano and an electric toothbrush for coaxing sounds from cymbals. Batkovic talks enthusiastically about his instruments, which he constantly tinkers with to make sounds – “Sounds, which,” he says, “are all already there. If you handle them tenderly, they’ll appear.” Music, he continues, cannot be reinvented. “But one can try to create new things with what exists.” Batkovic describes himself as a professional fantasist. “I try to make tangible what’s in my head.”

Batkovic was born in Bosnia, where he lived until the turmoil in the Balkans brought the family to Switzerland. He was eleven at the time. Even in his former homeland, he constantly had sounds in his head. Back then, they were rendered audible by an accordion. “The accordion was an alternative to the consumer society: it was a jukebox, a DJ and a solo entertainer all in one.” Hence the reason for Batkovic remaining true to the accordion all this time. “Or rather,” he remarks, “the accordion has remained true to me.”

Batkovic’s relationship with his sounds, with his instruments, illustrates the humility with which he approaches music. His insistence on integrity regarding the sounds he makes is so strict that he undergoes a process of suffering faced with anything that’s new. “It’s not called passion for nothing,” he smiles.

He studied at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media and at the Musik Akademie Basel. Batkovic says he often felt something of an outsider at these renowned universities – and still feels that way in the Bernese scene, as his musical trajectory defies pigeonholing. He does punk, he does poetry, he does ambient, noise, metal and sacred music. It’s not that he doesn’t identify musically with any single one of these genres – rather, he does so with all of them at the same time. May 2024 will find him performing new works with the Bern Symphony Orchestra. Because of his breadth of vision, international media such as Rolling Stone see him in the vanguard of avant-gardism. He composes film music, releases solo albums on an independent British label, and writes music for orchestras, video games and bands such as Stiller Has. That said: when, where, how and for what the music is created is ultimately irrelevant. It’s part of a larger whole, the offerings of a professional fantasist – an obsessive who makes the inaudible audible and who says of himself: “I don’t try to find myself through music; instead, I try not to lose myself in it.” 

“But,” adds Batkovic, “people often forget that every new project involves a huge amount of time.” Time is the most valuable commodity for researchers like him navigating uncharted terrain. He’s delighted to have received two completely unconnected grants: the “Get Going!” grant from FONDATION SUISA and the Swiss Music Prize.

A man with an accordion in the midst of a 21st century immersed in technology – given the times we live in, could it be that contemporary art isn’t yet ready to assimilate such an anachronism? “It could well be that there have always been people who are in the right place at the right time with the right instrument. That wasn’t how it happened in my case. I first had to create my world.” Batkovic says that his gratitude on receiving the FONDATION SUISA grant and Swiss Music Prize is keenly felt. 

He also prefers talking about others rather than himself: at the end of our conversation, he doesn’t miss the opportunity to wax lyrical about his greatest hero, the “anarchist” Ludwig van Beethoven, and his revolutionary piano sonatas: “It would take more than a lifetime to immerse oneself fully in these 32 masterful works of art.”

Rudolf Amstutz

arttv Portrait



«Get Going!» has existed as a FONDATION SUISA funding offer since 2018. With this new form of a grant, creative and artistic processes that do not fall within established categories are given a financial jump-start. At monthly intervals, we present the eight recipients of the 2022 «Get Going!» grant individually.

In Memoriam Jean-Pierre Mathez (1938–2023)

We have received the sad news that our long-standing Foundation Board member and Chairman of the Individual Requests Committee

Jean-Pierre Mathez

has passed away at the age of 85.

Jean-Pierre was elected to the Foundation Board in 1996 and left in 2014. He also chaired the Individual Requests Committee (now Artistic Committee) from 1997-2014. The Foundation owes Jean-Pierre a great deal, and the administrative office also benefited from his knowledge and prudence.

A tribute from our Director is paid to him on The Director’s Blog:


SWISS MUSIC @ Linecheck 2023 – Review

Linecheck 2023⎪22–25 Nov⎟Milan (IT)

SWISS MUSIC was in the air

Yes, admittedly, so was the aroma of raclette from the Swiss Business Mixer. But also there in the mix were the voices of some 200 international professionals, invitees of Swiss Music Export. The informal networking event at the BASE cultural centre in Milan, held on Thursday, 23 November, offered Swiss industry representatives an ideal opportunity to network and exchange ideas with their Italian and international colleagues. The Swiss Music Export event was supported by FONDATION SUISA and the Swiss Consulate General in Milan.

During the day, the curated conference sessions at Linecheck provided a chance to catch up on the latest trends, thinking and know-how. The evenings saw Linecheck transformed into a festival. The air was also filled with live Swiss sounds on the Wednesday and Thursday – leastways inside La Capsula, the BASE’s immersive sound chamber. Here, industry representatives got up close and personal with the sounds of electro duo HEITH & PRICE, R’n’B vocalist and producer MILYMA, and pop trio MONTE MAI.


Linecheck 2023 – Showcase Monte Mai – Foto ⓒSME

The following Swiss artists were part of the official festival programme:



Demotape Clinic 2024 – Demos wanted

Demotape Clinic 2024Send in your demos now!

Once again this year, FONDATION SUISA and the m4music pop music festival are working together to find the artists of tomorrow in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electronic and Out of Genre categories. From now until 14 January 2024, send us your demos!

A selection of the 60 most promising tracks in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electro and Out of Genre categories will be presented on 22 and 23 March 2024 at the m4music festival in Zurich. Music business professionals will give direct feedback to the artists. 

The winners will receive the FONDATION SUISA Awards worth a total of CHF 20’000.-. Their music will be broadcast on various partner radio stations, and above all, they will be the centre of attention on the Swiss music scene. The winners will also benefit from the Migros Culture Percentage’s “Double” coaching programme. 

Demo submission deadline: 14 January 2024