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The Great Escape 2024 – Frontpage “Inscrivez-vous!”

The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 mai, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Inscrivez-vous!

Grâce au rabais spécial suisse, profitez d’une accréditation à un tarif préférentiel

Les participant·e·s professionne·lle·s suisses bénéficient d’un rabais spécial de 15% sur le pass TGE-Delegate – une offre de Swiss Music Export et de ses partenaires…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15.–18. Mai, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Jetzt anmelden!

Vergünstigte Akkreditierung dank Schweizer Spezialrabatt

Schweizer Professionals profitieren von einem Spezialrabatt von 15% auf ihre TGE-Delegate Passes, ein Angebot von Swiss Music Export und Partnern…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 maggio, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Iscrivetevi ora!

Beneficiare dell’accreditamento a una tariffa preferenziale grazie allo speciale sconto svizzero

I partecipanti professionisti svizzeri ricevono uno sconto speciale del 15% sul pass TGE-Delegate – un’offerta di Swiss Music Export e del suoi partner…


The Great Escape 2024 ⎪ 15–18 May, Brighton (UK) ⎪ Register now!

Take advantage of an accreditation at a preferential rate thanks to the special Swiss discount

Swiss professionals benefit from a special 15% discount on their TGE Delegate Passes, an offer from Swiss Music Export and partners…


In Memoriam Jean-Pierre Mathez (1938–2023)

We have received the sad news that our long-standing Foundation Board member and Chairman of the Individual Requests Committee

Jean-Pierre Mathez

has passed away at the age of 85.

Jean-Pierre was elected to the Foundation Board in 1996 and left in 2014. He also chaired the Individual Requests Committee (now Artistic Committee) from 1997-2014. The Foundation owes Jean-Pierre a great deal, and the administrative office also benefited from his knowledge and prudence.

A tribute from our Director is paid to him on The Director’s Blog:


Best Swiss Video Clip 2023: Online Voting begins


The race for the title of best music video is on: FONDATION SUISA, the Solothurn Film Festival and m4music, the pop music festival of the Migros Culture Percentage, are looking for the “Best Swiss Video Clip 2023”. A Jury Award and an Audience Award are up for grabs.

You have until 31 January to vote for your favourite clip from the 16 nominees:

  • Campsite by Anna Erhard, making of: Moris Freiburghaus 
  • Mediane (ou une ode à la médiocrité) by Dalai Puma,
    making of: Ramón Oliveras, Franziska Staubli, Yannik Sandhofer, Nicole Pfister 
  • Decoration by Dino Brandão, making of: Julien Chavaillaz 
  • Rainbow by Elio Ricca, making of: Drobik Siriam, Remo Schmidheiny, Elio Ricca 
  • Detergent Daze by emanuel, making of: Lucas Ackermann 
  • Pistache by Estelle Zamme & J4KIM, making of: Julien Ledermann, Joaquim Perez 
  • Trauma by Gina Eté, making of: Jelena Vujović 
  • Rainbow Machine by Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus, making of: Bianca Caderas 
  • Cadavre exquis by Hyper Duo, making of: Emmanuel Vion-Dury 
  • La La Land by Lakna, making of: Luca Perrin 
  • Deux mouches by My Name Is Fuzzy, making of: Bastien Bron 
  • Gangstaz by Nathalie Froehlich, making of: Nathalie Froehlich, Fredrik Gabrielsson 
  • Blumen by Panda Lux, making of: Kezia Zurbrügg 
  • Synaptic Failure (Aelk Minsur Remix) by Simon Grab, making of: Jonathan Jäggi 
  • Fuck by Soukey x Artbabe, making of: Jonathan Hug 
  • Rucksucre by Toutbleu, making of: Camille de Dieu, Laurent Novac 


The Jury Award and the Audience Award for the «Best Swiss Video Clip»2023, each worth CHF 5,000, are donated by the FONDATION SUISA. The winners of both prizes will be announced in early March. The awards will be presented live at the m4music Award Show on Saturday 25 March 2023.

Demotape Clinic 2023

SOUKEY – Winner 2022, Lyrics & Beats / Demo of the Year

The Migros Culture Percentage and the SUISA FOUNDATION are looking for the new Swiss talent of tomorrow:

The most promising tracks will be awarded in the categories Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electro and, for the first time in 2023, in the category Out of Genre. This new category is aimed at artists who push the usual genre boundaries or who are active in the fields of new jazz, avant-garde and experimental music.

A selection of the 60 most convincing demos in the five categories will be presented on 24 and 25 March 2023 at the m4music Festival in Zurich. Music professionals will give direct feedback to the musicians.

FONDATION SUISA Awards worth a total of CHF 20,000 will be presented. In addition, the winners will receive radio airplay, festival showcases, publicity on the Swiss music scene and coaching by “Double”, the Migros Culture Percentage’s mentoring platform.

The deadline for submitting demos has expired.

Bertrand Denzler: Sound space surveyor and ambient sound explorer

«Get Going!» Portrait Series 2018

Bertrand Denzler ⎪ Photo ⓒDimitry Shubin

Saxophonist Bertrand Denzler is always working on new opportunities to express himself in the delicate balance that lies between improvisation and composition. The 55-year-old musician from Geneva, who is now resident in Paris, now intends to extend the frontiers of his artistic dialogue with others even further using „roaming residencies“. FONDATION SUISA is supporting this project financially with «Get Going!» funding.

„Tireless“, „adaptable“ and „industrious“ are just three words that could be used to characterise the artistic craft of Bertrand Denzler. Anyone checking out his website for the first time could be forgiven for thinking the sheer number of projects and line-ups might be their kiss-of-death. Denzler laughs: “I’ve laid the whole thing out somewhat more clearly in the meantime.“ In fact: on second glance, it all makes sense. And anyone taking the next step of dipping into the sounds available online will hardly be able to resist Denzler’s artistic vision. At first, the finely balanced sound sculptures seem to reveal a welcoming kind of simplicity. But in the background lurks a complexity with a tremendous pulling effect that is almost hypnotic. 

“My compositions are not primarily about the narrative form, but the inner structure. This means my pieces might seem relatively simple, but they are not easy to play. The musician should not be distracted by far too many ideas, but should be able to concentrate fully on the sound and its precision,“ is the way Denzler explains his intentions. 

He classifies his process-orientated compositions as „spaces“. For the most part, they do not feature traditional notation, but are predetermined by their structure. „I want musicians to be involved and have to think for themselves,“ stresses Denzler. He adds: “Often it is just the time structure that is specified, and not the rhythmic structure. The predetermined rules always open up lots of opportunities.“ 

Denzler practises this „space surveying“ with the simultaneous exploration of the ambient sound with very different line-ups, including the Sowari Trio, Hubbub, Denzler-Gerbal-Dörner, The Seen, Onceim and Denzler-Grip-Johansson. At the same time, he is not averse to trying new things, including improvising as a guest musician in such line-ups as Jonas Kocher’s international Šalter Ensemble, in a duo with Hans Koch or quite simply solo. 

Denzler actually considers his career to be somewhat typical of a European musician of his generation. He started out with classical music, but at the same time was listening to pop and rock in private. However, an outright thirst for knowledge also made him aware relatively quickly of the most varied ways in this world that music can be played. „And eventually,“ comments Denzler, „jazz became my main sphere of activity, because improvisation, in other words implementing your thoughts in real time, fascinated me.“ 

After jazz came free-form music, even if Denzler is still to this day impressed by the philosophy and improvisational approach of such greats as Albert Ayler and John Coltrane and will probably continue to be influenced by them. As opposed to many improvisers who never return (if they have occasionally diverted from a compositional approach), Denzler has found a space where he can keep creating new things architecturally from the delicate balance between improvisation and composition. „In the last ten years, I acquired the feeling that I am always improvising in the same system. Suddenly, I once gain felt compelled to build structures within my music.“ 

Denzler’s artistic vision is not only a kind of journey of discovery in a metaphorical sense: he wants to transport this „space“ to different geographical locations as a „roaming residency“, so as to meet other musicians there and create new music with them. Up to now, the project has failed, not only for financial reasons, but also because such an open project does not comply with the general conditions of traditional subsidies policies. Start-up funding from a FONDATION SUISA «Get Going!» grant is now making realisation possible, because, according to Denzler, „…it allows me to pursue my creativity instead of predefined conditions.“ Beaming with delight, he adds that it’s as if this grant had been specially tailored for him. And in fact his definition almost reminds you of a Denzler composition, in which the structures defined by the creator open up unforeseen possibilities…

Rudolf Amstutz




Portrait vidéo arttv