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SWISS MUSIC @ TGE 2024 – Register now!

The Great Escape 2024, Brighton (UK)15–18 May 2024

Swiss Music Export, FONDATION SUISA, Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Embassy in the UK are once again taking part in The Great Escape festival, with the Swiss Business Mixer networking event and an exciting selection of Swiss live acts. Seize the chance and benefit from the special Swiss discount for your accreditation:


Swiss professionals benefit from a special 15% discount on their TGE Delegate Passes, an offer from Swiss Music Export and partners.


Friday 17 May ⎜ 12:00–16:00 ⎢ KOMEDIA Studio

The Swiss networking event offers a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and dreams with international music business people and, above all, to discuss music. Once again this year, Switzerland is presenting itself with a number of exciting acts. Enjoy a glass of Swiss beer and English sandwiches to the live sound of FULMINE, BOUND BY ENDOGAMY, SOFT LOFT and SIRENS OF LESBOS on the KOMEDIA Studio stage.

Entry to the SWISS BUSINESS MIXER is free for all professionals – space is limited, so get there early!

All acts can also be seen and heard live in the regular festival programme.
Find out more information on the Swiss Music Export website.

Presented by Swiss Music Export, in partnership with FONDATION SUISA, Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Embassy in the UK.



Winners «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2024

The pop music festival m4music, FONDATION SUISA and the Solothurn Film Festival presented the «Best Swiss Video Clip» awards at the m4music Award Show in Zurich on 23 March. A total of 470 artists submitted their music videos for the «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2024. The two prizes, the jury prize and the audience award, are endowed with CHF 5,000 each and are donated by FONDATION SUISA.


From the five nominated clips, the «Best Swiss Video Clip 2024» jury prize was awarded to «Low Lower Son» by Basel band ELFRID THE THIRD & IVAN EYES, feat. The clip was directed by JANIS POLAR, also from Basel.

For the jury, the clip develops an incredible pull effect: «The video casts a spell over the audience and transports them into a dream world. Again and again, ‘Low Lower Son’ arouses curiosity with unusual perspectives on seemingly familiar images. The entire journey is intensified by the mesmerising music, so that the video remains an invigorating experience even on the second, third or fourth viewing.»

The five clips in the running for the Jury Prize 2024 will each receive CHF 2,000.-, donated by FONDATION SUISA:

  • «Berger» by MEGA, SO LA LUNE, AU6I ⎥ Directed by Tymen Goetsch
  • «Dancemorethinkless» von CABLESALAD ⎥ Directed by Naïma Winkler, Leon Cremonini, Yannick Scherer
  • «Fäschtmol» von TO ATHENA ⎥ Directed by Larissa Odermatt, Tiffany Limacher
  • «Low Lower Son» von ELFRID THE THIRD & IVAN EYES ⎥ Directed by Janis Polar
  • «Light Light» von PRONTO ⎥ Directed by Maximilian Speidel


In the public online voting, «Thunfisch» by BOYSEL beat the other 15 clips to win the «Best Swiss Videoclip 2024» audience award.

Boysel is a collaboration between Manuel Meisel (Anna Rossinelli) and Sebastien Bolli(Dave From Hollywood) from Basel with animated video clips by Kilian Vilim and Etienne Mory. The film was directed by SEBASTIEN BOLLI.

Winners «Demotape Clinic» 2024

Zurich band MANIC PIXXIES wins the «Demo of the Year» 2024 award for up-and-coming talent

For two days, the 26th edition of m4music, the Migros Culture Percentage’s pop music festival, celebrated Swiss musical creation on five stages, with shows by more than 40 artists from Switzerland and abroad, nearly 1,600 accredited professionals and more than 5,500 visitors. It was an opportunity to showcase Switzerland’s burgeoning musical talent. The most promising songs were rewarded in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electro and Out of Genre categories. And the winners are…


As part of the m4music 2024 edition, the six-piece band MANIC PIXXIES impressed the jury, winning not only the FONDATION SUISA Awards in the Rock category with «Pissing Outside the Bandroom», but also the supreme title of Demo of the Year, with a prize of CHF 5,000.

The m4music jury was won over by their song, raw and bursting with creativity, which goes by the wonderful name of “Pissing Outside the Bandroom”. “Behind this track is a young band creating a strong aesthetic with limited resources. It combines different languages, writes multi-layered songs and doesn’t get lost in different directions, but presents a clear vision,” says the jury in justifying its choice. He is convinced that the awarding of this prize and the money that goes with it comes at the perfect time, and that Manic Pixxies will enrich the musical future.


The FONDATION SUISA Awards 2024, CHF 3,000 each, also rewarded five groups in the following categories:

  • Catégory PopSAMI GALBI (VD) with «Dakchi Hani»
  • Catégory RockMANIC PIXXIES (ZH) with «Pissing Outside the Bandroom»
  • Catégory ElectronicPOLAR STAR (GE) with «UME»
  • Catégory Lyrics & BeatsSENTO (ZH) with «Impulse Control»
  • Catégory Out of GenrePRON0IA (BE) with «This M Body-ed [2]»

Best Swiss Video Clip 2024: Online voting


The race for the title of best Swiss music video is on: FONDATION SUISA, the Solothurn Film Festival and the Migros Culture Percentage pop music festival m4music are honouring the most impressive Swiss video clips of the year with the «Best Swiss Video Clip». A jury prize and an audience prize are up for grabs. 

You can vote for your favourite from the 17 nominated clips until 30 January 2024:

  • «Lullaby For Robots» von Xewin, Steve Cabasets, Regie: Marianne Heele, Eglantine Bacro 
  • «Walkie Talkie» by Ikan Hyu, directed by Timo Raddatz
  • «Casino (Drink)» by Matilde, directed by Nicolò Faietti
  • «Be Aware» by Phoam, directed by Mei Fa Tan
  • «Berger» by Mega, Au61, So la lune, directed by Tymen Goetsch
  • «Food» by Oukn Sokio, directed by Pascal Consiglio 
  • «dancemorethinkless» by Cablesalad, directed by Naïma Winkler, León Cremonini, Yannick Scherer
  • «Underwater» by Cyril Boehler, Fiona Daniel, directed by Fabian Troxler
  • «Fäschtmol» by To Athena, directed by Larissa Odermatt, Tiffany Athena Limacher 
  • «Thunfisch» by Boysel, directed by Kilian Vilim, Etienne Mory 
  • «Kopfkarussell» by Peter Pana, directed by Remo Schluep 
  • «Souris chérie» by Barrio Colette, directed by Anissa Cadelli 
  • «Second Sun» by Peace Is Just A Break, directed by Jonas Lacôte 
  • «Low Lower Son» by Elfrid The Third & Ivan Eyes, directed by Janis Polar
  • «Light Light» by Pronto, directed by Maximilian Speidel
  • «Lonely Bird» by Dirty Sound Magnet, directed by Léonie Gottraux, David Pavlik
  • «Daydreamin’» by Shuttle, directed by Grégoire Pasquier


The Jury Award and the Audience Award, both endowed with CHF 5,000.-, are sponsored by FONDATION SUISA. The winners of the two awards will be announced at the beginning of March on m4music’s digital channels.

Demotape Clinic 2024 – Demos wanted

Demotape Clinic 2024Send in your demos now!

Once again this year, FONDATION SUISA and the m4music pop music festival are working together to find the artists of tomorrow in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electronic and Out of Genre categories. From now until 14 January 2024, send us your demos!

A selection of the 60 most promising tracks in the Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electro and Out of Genre categories will be presented on 22 and 23 March 2024 at the m4music festival in Zurich. Music business professionals will give direct feedback to the artists. 

The winners will receive the FONDATION SUISA Awards worth a total of CHF 20’000.-. Their music will be broadcast on various partner radio stations, and above all, they will be the centre of attention on the Swiss music scene. The winners will also benefit from the Migros Culture Percentage’s “Double” coaching programme. 

Demo submission deadline: 14 January 2024

Winners «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2023:

GINA ÉTÉ and Estelle Zamme & J4KIM win the «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2023

The Migros Culture Percentage’s m4music pop music festival, FONDATION SUISA and the Solothurn Film Festival awarded the «Best Swiss Video Clip» prizes for the 11th time on 25 March at the m4music Award Show in Zurich. A total of 208 artists submitted their music videos for the «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2023. The Zurich-based musician GINA ÉTÉ received the Jury Award for her music video «Trauma», with JELENA VUJOVIĆ as stage manager. The Audience Award went to Estelle Zamme & J4KIM and the film duo Julien Ledermann & Joaquim Perez for their video clip «Pistache». The prizes, worth CHF 5,000 each, are sponsored by FONDATION SUISA.


The «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2023 Jury Award was attributed to «Trauma» by the Zurich musician GINA ÉTÉ. It was directed by JELENA VUJOVIĆ, also from Zurich.

The jury, consisting of director Mei Fa Tan, filmmaker Géraldine Rod, presenter Lea Inderbitzin of SRF Sounds! Director of the FONDATION SUISA Urs Schnell and Philipp Schnyder, Director of the Migros Culture Percentage’s m4music festival, were impressed by the tasteful treatment of a serious and emotional subject: With aesthetic black-and-white shots and iconic elements, the video deals with humanitarian issues such as war, poverty and the refugee crisis in a discreet and intelligent way and succeeds in moving people, triggering emotions and sparking discussions. It is precisely these qualities that place «Trauma» at the top of the «Best Swiss Video Clip» list, explains Mei Fa Tan.


In the online public vote, «Pistache» by ESTELLE ZAMME & J4KIM, Neuchâtel, and the director duo JULIEN LEDERMANN & JOAQUIM PEREZ, Le Locle, beat the 15 other clips to win the «Best Swiss Video Clip» 2023 Audience Award.

Demo of the Year 2023 – Anuk Schmelcher with «Power»

Demotape Clinic – Winner Demo of the Year 203: ANUK SCHMELCHER ⎪ Photo ©m4music

Anuk Schmelcher wins the «Demo of the Year» Award 2023

The 25th edition of m4music, the Migros Culture Percentage’s pop music festival, celebrated Swiss music creation over two days with almost 1’500 accredited professionals and more than 6’000 music fans present for the occasion. This was an opportunity to highlight the burgeoning Swiss music scene. The most promising songs were rewarded in the categories of Pop, Rock, Lyrics & Beats, Electronic, and, for the first time in 2023, in the Out of Genre category. And the Winners are…


With «Power», ANUK SCHMELZER from Biel wins not only the FONDATION SUISA Award in the category Pop, but also the title of Demo of the Year with a prize of CHF 5’000.


The FONDATION SUISA Awards 2023, worth CHF 3’000 each, were also granted to winners in the following categories:

  • Category Pop ⎪ ANUK SCHMELCHER (BE) with «Power»
  • Category Electronic ⎪ MONODADA (TG) with «Urubu»
  • Category Lyrics & Beats ⎪ WAS DAS? (BS) with «Intakt»
  • Category Rock ⎪ MOONPOOLS (BS) with «Damaged Goods»
  • Category Out of Genre ⎪ FULMINE (FR) with «Bocca Bava»