Funding Offers

FONDATION SUISA offers funding in three areas:

Project applications

Entries for direct funding of projects can be submitted on an ongoing basis via our online application tool. Please refer to our current funding regulations on the corresponding page.


Call for projects

FONDATION SUISA offers time-limited funding programmes:

«Get Going!»

«Get Going!» is a financial incentive and an investment in a future career. It is based on the philosophy of «making things possible».


Fonds Jacques Cerf

The mission of the Fond Jacques Cerf is to support projects for the composition and/or performance of Swiss works in the field of contemporary classical music.


Projects with partner organisations

FONDATION SUISA maintains partnerships with institutions with similar objectives in order to implement the Foundation’s purpose of supporting projects relating to contemporary Swiss music-making as efficiently as possible. At present, these projects are as follows::

Demotape Clinic

The Demotape Clinic is one of the largest promotion projects for budding Swiss pop music talents. It takes place every year as part of the m4music pop music festival, organised by the Migros Culture Percentage. FONDATION SUISA is its main partner.


Best Swiss Video Clip

Music clips have now become an integral part of our everyday culture. Besides concerts, they are the most important means of communication for a band. To promote today’s music video creation, the pop music festival m4music run by the Migros Culture Percentage, FONDATION SUISA and the Solothurn Film Festival are jointly looking for the«Best Swiss Video Clip».