Fonds Jacques Cerf

The newly formed «Fonds Jacques Cerf» will enable FONDATION SUISA to improve its funding in the field of contemporary classical music. Colette Cerf, widow of the Lausanne composer and musician, Jacques Cerf, is to be thanked for this legacy, which, entirely in accordance with the wishes of her deceased husband, will make a substantial contribution to supporting Swiss music-making.


The «Fonds Jacques Cerf» bears the name of the Lausanne composer and musician (1932-2019), who was already writing his first pieces for piano when just six years of age. The Cerf bequest includes more than 100 works, including ballets, concerts for various instruments, symphonic works, numerous pieces for guitar and other instruments, three operas and an oratorio ballet. He was a member of the Swiss Association of Musicians, SUISA and the International Centre for Cultural Exchange.

For many years, Colette Cerf was a soloist with the Zurich Ballet, based in that city’s Opera House. With this legacy, it is her wish that contemporary classical music in Switzerland, which was also greatly shaped by her husband’s works for decades, be singled out for funding.

Or as it says in the conditions of the legacy:
FONDATION SUISA is obliged to use the total proceeds of this estate to create a special fund with the name «Fonds Jacques Cerf», which will enable the Foundation to support exclusively projects for the composition and/or performance of Swiss works of contemporary classical music («contemporary classics»).


Thanks to the «Fonds Jacques Cerf», the following projects can be financially supported:

  • Composition commissions, premieres or revivals of works in the field of contemporaray classical music («Contemporary Classic») with a connection to Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • According to the donor's wishes, works of «dodecaphonic, serial, concrete or avant-garde music» are excluded.  


The «Fonds Jacques Cerf» grants financial support on the basis of applications submitted and after evaluation by a committee of experts.

The selection and support of projects benefiting from the «Fonds Jacques Cerf» is based on the purpose of the FONDATION SUISA. Therefore, all supported projects must be related to the current Swiss or Liechtenstein music scene.

Please submit your application documents using the following form only:


for submission are 15 June and 15 November.

Please direct any queries to


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