Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (IKF)

The Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (IKF) is a professional trade fair for stage productions, music and events.

A special focus is laid on music, to which the trade fair dedicates its own exhibition hall as well as a significant part of its showcase program.

IKF 2020 registration

26-29 January, Freiburg i.Br. (DE)

SWISS MUSIC joint stand & showcase programme:
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FONDATION SUISA and Pro Helvetia are providing the Swiss joint stand SWISS MUSIC as a platform for the Swiss music professionals at the next Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg. 

Your benefits as co-exhibitor:

As co-exhibitor you only pay the fee for your own IKF catalogue entry (EUR 32.00) as well as additional individual orders and you receive two exhibitor passes. All stand costs will be covered by FONDATION SUISA and Pro Helvetia.

further benefits are:

  • free surface for promotional material
  • free entry in our promotional documentation (stand, brochure, web)
  • free message- and info-service by our stand staff
  • free use of stand infrastructure

→  IKF catalogue entry deadline: 30 October 2019

Your benefits as showcase-act:

If you would like to propose a music act for the official showcase programm at IKF, you will have time to do so by 30 June 2019. When enrolling, please indicate

  • the stand name: SWISS MUSIC
  • and the stand-ID: 320231


If your act is chosen by the jury of professionals and if you confirm the IKF live-gig, you will be charged with a showcase-fee of EUR 420.00 you will have to pay yourself. For Swiss co-exhibitors, however, the obligation to book your stand does not apply, which will save you at least EUR 477.40 (see Participation options).

→  Showcase registration deadline: 30 June 2019

SWISS MUSIC stand registration procedure:

  1. Click on ENROLL (on the right)
  2. Create your account for the IKF-Lounge and log in (the existing login remains valid).
  3. Step 1 → Choose subscription as "Co-exhibitor".
  4. Step 2 → Enter the "Main exhibitor-ID": 320231.
  5. Steps 2-7 → Enter your personal data and finish your registration.

You will receive an invoice for your catalog entry by FONDATION SUISA. 

For questions concerning:
-  the IKF registration:
   → please contact:
-  a showcase-application:
   → please contact:
-  the Swiss stand:
   → please contact:

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