Composer in residence 2016/17

This new FONDATION SUISA scholarship allows a composer to create new music.

The FONDATION SUISA "composer in residence" scholarship is worth CHF 80'000.- and is awarded to composers whose work is a great contribution to today's Swiss music-making.

The goal of this scholarship is to support the musical career of the composers in question by enabling them to concentrate solely on their creative work during the period concerned.

The "composer in residence" project is not a public competition. No candidacies for the scholarship can be submitted.

The new James Gruntz is out now - Waves

October 2017

James Gruntz crowns his creative period with his new album "Waves" (Zytglogge). The new songs can be heard live on tour starting at the end of October.

Order forms and tour dates for WAVES are available on:

James Gruntz
wins FONDATION SUISA’s „Composer in residence“ scholarship

FONDATION SUISA’s second „Composer in residence“ scholarship goes to voice artist and multi-instrumentalist James Gruntz.

The 30-year-old songwriter with the unmistakable soul in his voice grew up in Biel/Bienne and Basel and now lives in Olten. He finished his live-tour for his successful fourth studio album „Belvedere“ (Bakara Music) in spring 2016 and was henceforth focussing on his compositional work again.

„The composer in residence-fund is a wonderful chance to leave the worldly things behind for a while and give others some more time, to let thoughts evolve and make things come alive that would have remained mere possibility otherwise.“ (James Gruntz)


(Photo: Gregor Brändli)

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    Waves - the new James Gruntz album

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