«Get Going!» 2020

Enables new perspectives

The idea of «Get Going!» is based on the philosophy of «making it possible».

«Get Going!» consist of a start-up financing.

Four such contributions of CHF 25'000.- each per year are advertised.

«Get Going!» should be accessible to as many musically creative people as possible. Musicians should be restricted as little as possible in their creative ideas.

The four «Get Going!» 2020 go to...

After this year's review of the submissions, the expert jury decided to support the following musicians for their artistic visions with a «Get Going!» contribution of CHF 25,000 each:


The composer and musician Isandro Ojeda-García is pursuing a solo career as an audio-visual performer. He is also a member of the Insub Meta Orchestra (IMO) as well as musician and artistic co-director of the band TRES OJOS and the festival unfold-LAB, which is co-produced in collaboration with the University of Geneva. For years, the Geneva-based artist has been working on interdisciplinary projects between the conflicting priorities of composition and improvisation, of music and video art, together with various artists of different origins. With his large-scale project "alt_A|V-LIB", one of his aims is to overcome the classical score on a technical and artistic level by developing an alternative, transversal and hybrid communication system between musicians of different traditions and artists of the performing arts.



As Duo OY, Zurich singer Joy Frempong, together with musician Marcel Blatti, deliberately breaks up musical genres and transforms them into brightly colored and content-wise committed avant pop. OY's albums are always conceptual and deal with socio-political themes in a variety of ways - often enriched with audiovisual elements or texts and images in book form. With their project "Messages from Walls", the duo wants to search for messages on walls in public space on their upcoming tour, which have the potential to break them down. With the help of partners these contents will be visually condensed into an artistic-political statement, which will subsequently result in an album of the same name and an accompanying blog.

OY Portrait


Réka Csiszér is a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. Classically trained in piano, violoncello and flute, she completed her studies in jazz singing at the ZhdK in 2017. Csiszér repeatedly builds bridges between different genres with projects in theater and film. Now she wants to realize an ambitious solo project with "VÍZ". An interdisciplinary total work of art (performance-film sound), which, in collaboration with other artists, generates an audio-visual space in which Réka Csiszér not only explores her stylistic range of ambient, classical, avant-folk and electronic music, but at the same time wants to deepen the relationship to her Hungarian mother tongue and her Transylvanian roots.



Since graduating from the Lucerne University of Music, the Swiss composer and double bass player Pirmin Huber has been experimenting with new ways of combining Swiss folk music with other genres to create new sounds. Whether as a soloist or as a member of the "Ländlerorchester", with "Stereokulisse", "Ambäck" or in the formation "Gläuffig": Huber maps folk music in new ways and blends it with techno, jazz, classical music or electronics. Now, with the help of electronically manipulated everyday noises and the folk-musical sounds of his double bass, Huber wants to carry out a kind of "field recording" research, which will result in a soundtrack that captures the altered perceptions and thus reflects the world in this extraordinary Corona period.

Pirmin Huber Portrait


by moxi