«Keep Going!»

«Keep Going!» – A positive outcome

With «Keep Going!», FONDATION SUISA launched a temporary funding model in the first half of 2021 to help the Swiss music scene maintain its activities in times of crisis.

The positive feedback and the numerous applications received underlined the importance of an adaptable funding policy. The FONDATION SUISA's top priority has always been to encourage the development of creative ideas and to enable their implementation, even in uncertain times and under more challenging circumstances.

During the two «Keep Going!» calls for projects in March and April, a total of 307 applications were received. 30 of them were selected by a jury of experts and supported with a contribution of CHF 5,000 each.

A «Keep Going!» contribution of CHF 5000 each was awarded to:

  • John Wolf Brennan⎪KenNotes  → Website
  • Jan Galega Brönnimann⎪tipping point  → Website
  • Rolf Caflisch⎪JazzChur_Exile – inter_digital_culture
  • Julie Campiche⎪Julie Campiche Quartet  → Website
  • Andreas Cueni⎪Musikformat "Twenty-three"
  • Mariana Da Cruz⎪Madame Da Cruz  → Website
  • Jonathan Dumani⎪2ème album d'AbSTRAL compost & Pascal Lopinat
  • Pablo Fernandez (FlexFab)⎪FlexFab & Ziller Bas – MUGOGO!  → Website
  • Manuel Fischer⎪Imperil  → Website
  • Luca Forcucci⎪The Room Above  → Website
  • Kety Fusco⎪Beyond the Harp – Extend. Techn., Noises & Drones → Website
  • Christoph Grab⎪2 Ensembles-Progr.: Komposition & Aufnahme  → Website
  • Dimitri Güdemann (Vouipe)⎪Vibration  → Website
  • Gabriela Martina Heer⎪Homage to Grämlis – Tour 2022  → Website
  • Alice Hohberger⎪Festival Out of Space
  • Sarah Huber⎪Dein ganzes Leben  → Website
  • David Langhard (Neutral Zone)⎪Neutral Zone – 10/10  → Website
  • B. Lehnhoff (Camilla Sparksss)⎪Camilla Sparksss Lullabies  → Website
  • Urs Leimgruber⎪It's about time volume two  → Website
  • Ania Losinger⎪NEN [e]merg. structures – hypn. soundscapes  → Website
  • Severo Marchionne⎪Swingness
  • Paul Marsigny⎪Paul Marsigny Sextet – Ten seconds to lift-off  → Website
  • Nicolas Masson⎪Nicolas Masson Quartet  → Website
  • Jasmin Peterhans (Sensu)⎪Sensu-ReviveThe Process  → Website
  • Max Petersen⎪Max Petersen – Liber*a  → Website
  • Ingeborg Poffet⎪gemeine podcasts  → Website
  • Elodie Romain (Billie Bird)⎪Les équilibres extrêmes  → Website
  • Ariane Russi⎪Expedition Yuki
  • Mike Walker⎪Orange Peel Records  → Website
  • Christian Zatta (NOVA)⎪NOVA  → Website

A big thank you to all «Keep Going!» participants and congratulations to the beneficiaries!


by moxi