Linecheck – Music Meeting & Festival

Milan / Italy

Situated at the heart of Northern Italy’s fashion and industry metropole, Linecheck offers a unique platform for a dialogue between the musical cultures of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, with conferences, panels, networking sessions, live performances and showcases. The Linecheck Music Meeting and Festival sees itself as Italy’s leading music industry conference, and as a hub for innovative live music. In both of these areas, the focus is on electronics and new technologies for making and experiencing music.

Linecheck at a glance:
1’500 music professionals (2023) 
More than 60 artists on stage (2023)

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LINECHECK 2023 ⎪ 22–25 nov, Milan (IT) ⎪ Review

SWISS MUSIC was in the air

Yes, admittedly, so was the aroma of raclette from the Swiss Business Mixer. But also there in the mix were the voices of some 200 international professionals, invitees of Swiss Music Export…


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