2022: Eight «GET GOING!» contributions awarded

This year’s call for a «Get Going!» contribution generated a great response. 225 dossiers from all parts of the country and all genres were submitted. We thank all those who manifested their ideas and did not make the jury’s decision easy. In the end, eight projects were selected that wonderfully reflect the enormous diversity and vitality of today’s Swiss music scene.

The recipients of a «Get Going!» grant 2022 in the amount of CHF 25,000 are:


Kety_Fusco Photo by ©Sebastiano Piattini

The Ticino harp virtuoso has made a name for herself with her cross-genre compositions, in which she constantly explores and expands the possibilities of her instrument. The «Get Going!» grant now allows her to research the development of an additional element for the acoustic harp. This extension aims to overcome the limits of the tonal spectrum of the harp. This creates new scope for expanding the harp in order to create a new hybrid instrumental language.


Hasan Nakhleh Photo by ©Jenan Shaker

Hasan Nakhleh from Bern has two objectives with his TootArd project: on the one hand, he aims to experiment with the many possibilities in the field of rhythms and tuning, and on the other hand he wants to bring together people on the dance floors of the world with his Global Grooves and Arabic lyrics. The «Get Going!» grant now allows him to take enough time for the fourth TootArd album to further develop his sound. Among other things, he wants to reprogram analogue and digital synthesisers with quarter tones in different scales.


Louis Jucker Photo by ©Augustin Rebetez

Singer-songwriter, Louis Jucker, from La Chaux-de-Fonds has created a completely independent world in recent years. With his sparingly intoned, experimental songs, he creates a soothing anachronism in the midst of a hectic everyday life. The «Get Going!» grant is now supporting him in a multi-year project that will culminate in the construction of a recording machine that is supposed to work without the use of electricity. The aim is to respond to the state of the world by creating local and simple ways of producing music.


Cégiu Photo by ©Gian Marco Castelberg

The Lucerne-based musician, producer and composer, Céline-Giulia Voser, has published three solo albums as Cégiu, in which she has always explored new musical and compositional paths. For her new work «Coiled Continuum», she uses the «Get Going!» grant to explore the topic of psychoacoustic perception in depth. The aim is not only to create music that sounds different depending on the place, environment and time, but also to evoke individual feelings in the listeners through sound manipulation.


Simone Felber Photo by ©Christian Felber

With her projects «Simone Felbers Iheimisch», «hedi drescht» and «famm», Lucerne singer, Simone Felber, is one of the main protagonists of new Swiss folk music. Her musical home lies at the border between tradition and modernity, between classical studies and unheard-of innovation. In recent years, Felber has been forced to deal with death on a regular basis due to the loss of loved ones. With the «Get Going!» grant, she can now expand her project, which contrasts the classical dance of the dead with traditional folk music dance. The aim is to create her own dance of the dead, which due to the lightness of the dance allows a new perspective on death.


Mario Batkovic Photo by ©Rob Lewis

Mario Batkovic is one of the most virtuoso and internationally renowned Swiss composers and musicians. The accordionist from Bern is involved in numerous projects, builds innovative instruments and experiments incessantly in the field of tension between pop, rock and contemporary music. In order to explore and create new sound spaces, incessant research, development, composition and experimentation are central to his work. Thanks to the «Get Going!» contribution, Mario Batkovic is now given one of the most important factors for creativity: time!

(Jul Dillier / Flora Geiẞelbrecht / Bernhard Hadriga)

J. Dillier, F. Geißelbrecht, B. Hadriga Photo by ©Maria-Frodl

Obwalden resident, Jul Dillier, aptly describes himself as a tune artist and sound poet. A graduate pianist and percussionist, he works on numerous projects ranging from jazz to improvisation, theatre and radio play music, text, performance and sound art. With the help of the «Get Going!» grant, «Ei Gen Klang», a one-hour, multi-sensory performance made up of sounds, words, images and tastes that aims to trace its origins, should now be developed. This will be done in collaboration with violist, vocalist and lyricist Flora Geißelbrecht, as well as guitarist, video artist and qualified geneticist Bernhard Hadriga.


Kaleidoscope String Quartet Photo by ©Benedek Horváth

The Kaleidoscope String Quartet refuses to let itself be confined in the straitjacket of classical chamber music and in recent years has dared to push the boundaries in many directions in recent years and has thus also attracted attention at the most varied of festivals (including Cully Jazz and Murten Classics). The pandemic interrupted her latest project “Five” which is now gaining momentum again thanks to the «Get Going!» grant. Bandoneon player, Michael Zisman, is not just a fifth member who wants to keep venturing into unexplored territory. With the new violist, Vincent Brunel, an important personnel change has also been made, with which “Five” is to be transformed into a follow-up project on the basis of new compositional developments.