Management and Finance Committee

  • Zeno Gabaglio (President)
  • Andreas Wegelin
  • N.N.

This committee is responsible for preparing the meetings of the Board of Trustees, checking the budget and financial statements for the attention of the Board of Trustees, personnel matters and the practical implementation of Board resolutions.

Artistic Committee

  • Laurent Mettraux (President)
  • Michel Barengo
  • Sonja Mounir
  • Jean-Pierre Schaller
  • Nadja Zela

The area of expertise of the Artistic Committee includes all applications whose activities are essentially aimed at the musical/artistic realisation of today’s musical repertoire/music-making with reference to Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. On the other hand, applications whose intentions are more closely related to infrastructure financing or cultural policy activities are processed by the entire Board of Trustees.

The Artistic Committee then assesses all application dossiers. It decides on their support and determines the financial contributions to creative artists and artistic projects.

The Artistic Committee examines around 600 dossiers each year and has an annual budget of around 1.2 million Swiss francs.

The Committee meets at regular intervals four to eight times a year.

In addition to these two committees, the Board of Trustees may at any time set up additional ad hoc committees to deal with topic-specific issues.